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We offer a range of courses and programs for the continuation of your professional career. Explore options that provide flexibility and engagement for problem solving, increase and develop your skills in people management and stakeholder communication, and be at the forefront by learning to adopt innovative thought strategies to ensure your ready for change.

Explore Course Options for Continuing Your Professional Development:

  • PartnerUP Strategic Partnerships Intensive
  • Facilitation Essentials: Engage/Influence Groups
  • Change & Innovation



The PartnerUP two day intensive is designed for organisations and individuals who want to increase the success of their marketing and strategic partnerships by leveraging a proven framework and partner friendly network. Develop a unique advantage in scaling, increasing distribution, growing your brand and monetising assets.

Give your business and career a significant advantage by developing critical partnership capability, walking away with a proven system for better leveraging your assets and aligning with the right partners to fill gaps and amplify results.

Fees & Course Length

2-day workshop           $2,995ENROL NOW


10% Early Bird discount $2,695 - must be booked before 30 September 2017.


The pre-requisite PartnerFAST program is a short online self paced learning program, and the PartnerUP program is delivered as a live 2 day workshop.

PartnerFAST –

Valued at $495, this short digital program focusses on getting quick wins by forming the right partnership marketing foundations and comes included with the PartnerUP program.

Modules - Units & Learning Outcomes

The 2 day program follows the proven Partner2GROW 6 step system and will give you the capability to:

  1. Get partner ready by pinpointing your objectives, target market, and gaps
  2. Identify, repurpose and amplify your assets to attract and benefit the right partners
  3. Pinpoint the right partner prospects by diving deeply into your customer journey
  4. Develop enticing offers for the right partners understanding the 10 most common ways to form strategic partnerships and which will best suit your business
  5. Engage the right partners, in the right way to seal the deal;
  6. Effectively manage and leverage your partnerships for long term success.

Program Topics

The course will develop your skills to:

  • Recap on the partnership marketing basics, mindset and identify how to get quick wins through simple marketing partnerships using the PartnerFAST methodology
  • Identify deficiencies, resource gaps, and opportunities that can be addressed by the appropriate partner organisations
  • Confirm your objectives, target market, and values of the organization to ensure the right partnerships are being targeted at the right time
  • Identify, amplify and repurpose assets to ensure you are maximizing value to partners
  • List suitable partner prospects
  • Define which strategic partnership types will best suit the partner prospects identified to achieve the stated objectives with the resources available
  • Use the tools, templates and knowledge provided to start approaching the right partners, the right way, to maximize your probability of success
  • Set partnerships up correctly for immediate gains and ongoing results.


  • Global trends, foundations and environment highlighting why partnership capability is a critical success factor in today’s high velocity business world
  • Learn about the different types of partnerships and how to best leveraging the 4 key benefits to achieve your business objectives
  • Follow a proven 6 step framework and avoid the common partnership pitfalls.

The Trainers

The course is hosted by Partner2GROW for accessUTS. The trainers are Simone Novello and Simon Lowe, from Partner2GROW. This course is based on their extensive practical experience in forming thousands of strategic and marketing partnerships worth hundreds of millions of dollars for a broad range of clients from government, University, business and community settings. It draws on the Partner2GROW proven and proprietary 6 step methodology born from their experience working with and training Australia’s leading partnership specialists and partner friendly organisations. The course style is highly practical, interactive, and entertaining.


  • Need to get everyone on the same page?
  • Facing hostile or disinterested participants?
  • Keen to generate meaningful and powerful conversations?

When you need to Make Stuff Happen with others, facilitation is a fundamental skill. This one-day introductory course will enhance your ability with groups of people to:

Engage: Excite and inspire participants - Get ‘buy-in’ to a shared purpose - Build dialogue between people – find common ground

Energise: Design for clarity and purpose - Generate spirited interaction and robust conversation -Deal with the ‘unknown’

Get traction: Create alignment between diverse stakeholders - Deal with difficult people -Manage negativity and cynicism.

You will get

  • Pre course survey to establish your specific needs and interests, and address your specific facilitation challenges
  • A 40 page workbook that covers essential topics, tools and tips.

Contact the accessUTS training team

Fees & Course Length

1 day workshop            $400                     ENROL NOW



The Trainers

The workshop facilitator is Ian Colley from Make Stuff Happen. The course draws on Ian’s practical experience conducting hundreds of facilitated events for dozens of clients in government, business and community settings.

Ian is an expert in change and learning. He commonly deals with ‘tricky’ issues – building common ground between diverse interests, solving difficult problems, creating clarity about uncertain futures.

Ian has taught at the University of Technology Sydney since 2005, creating learning experiences that are exciting and practical.



Contact the access:UTS training team

Fees & Course Length

Fees & Course Length

Full qualification                     ENROL NOW 

Individual Modules                 ENROL NOW



Customisation Opportunities


All modules can be undertaken as standalone courses without the need to complete the full qualification. Each module contains practical skills and knowledge that is relevant to a variety of industry and occupations.


The content and delivery of the Certificate IV and individual modules can be customised, providing a course relevant to your organisational needs.

Contact us now to explore the flexible delivery options available.


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